Part VI: Creating and Using Retention Indices in NIST Software


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This web page highlights a training video demonstrating using AMDIS to determine retention indices (RI's) with GC-MS data. Also resources are shared to reproduce the techniques demonstrated.

RI's are used in combination with mass spectrometry to provide nearly unambiguous identification of isomers. This is a very difficult task to accomplish with EI mass data alone.

NIST offers extensive resources including:

-RI’s for >139K compounds
-RI and MS data >114K compounds
-GC methods and RI citations from >400K literature references
-AMDIS to determine RI’s for compounds in GCMS analyses

The results are sent to NIST search for evaluation. The training video illustrates the AMDIS process for determining RI's for anlytes analyzed by EI GC-MS.

Two Different Formats for Training Video:
YouTube Video
mp4 Format

The following resources are also supplied:

Handout of slides used in video
Resources files for reproducing exercises in video
Definition of Retention Indices from Gary Mallard

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