Approach for Unknown Identifications Presented at Forensic@NIST2022 Workshop on Seized Drug Analyses

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FORENSIC@NIST 2022 Workshop
Mass Spectral Interpretatin--Tips and Tools for GC-EI-MS and High-Resolution MS Data for Seized Drug Analyses

A worshop was presented at the Forensics@NIST on Seized Drug Analyses. See the link to the Agenda:

Agenda Link

All the Workshop Presentations

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My Presentation

My talk was entitled "Unknown Identifications using NIST Hybrid EI Search" and was an overview of Eastman's approach to unknown identification as it applied to forensic applications. Links to the talk and other resources are shown below:

Link to Video of Talk (YouTube)
Link to Video of Talk (Download directly Goggle Drive)
Handout of Slides (PDF Format)
Handout of Slides (Powerpoint format)
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