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Wiley released a 2024 KnowItAll Version with many new powerful electron ionization gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (EI GC-MS) capabilities.  There were two major changes in the 2024 version:

-Major improvements in manual processing of files in ProcessIt
-Quantitative GC-MS added (separate license for standard version, free with Campus-Wide Solutions)

A short video for the former is shown below:

2024 ProcessIt Improvments (~4 min video)

I have developed FREE training videos and associated handouts covering basic and advanced MS topics that will be helpful to the new user.  The initial videos were made for the 2023 version and are still relevant.

Knowitall is a vendor neutral data processing solution for spectral analyses which will be very valuable in unknown identifications.  It processes IR, Raman, MS, NMR, and UV data employing a large number of file formats (>170) and a total of 2.5 million reference spectra.

~264K IR, 25K Raman, ~1.25M EI mass spec, 894K NMR, and 30K UV


-Deconvolution/very fast library searching of accurate/nominal mass GC-MS data
-Easy manual processing of nominal and accurate mass GC-MS data
-Fast EI searches of >1.2 million spectra in <0.5 seconds
-Amazing adaptive search for unknown ID by extending usefulness of all libraries
-Transfer structures and spectra between NIST search and KnowItAll
-Easy structure drawing and structure searches
-Conversion of NIST user libraries to Wiley format

-Easy creation of libraries using links to MS interpreter and PubChem
-Quantitative EI GC-MS

MS Training Videos:
MS Training Video Handouts:
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