Buying NIST “20” EI and Tandem (MSMS) Libraries

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The new libraries for 2020 include the NIST MS Search Software at no additional cost.

There were major increases in the number of compounds and major software enhancements.

Link to 2020 NIST Updates

The NIST 2020 Tandem library is ridiculously inexpensive, very high quality, and contains 1.3 M spectra!

Be sure to shop around. Here is the total list of distributors:

Total List of Distributors

Here are some good websites that I have noted for distributors. Let me know if you have found others.

Diablo Analytical (convenient same-day ftp download)
Adaptas Solutions (formerly SIS)
Cerno Biosciences
GC Image
MS Wil
Stanton Scientific

The EI library package contains Lib2NIST utility, but not the Tandem one.

Link for Lib2NIST Utility

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