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I have recorded my own personal versions of the 5-part Wiley webinar series for using NIST software with Wiley and NIST libraries.

Part I: Spectral Searches with NIST MS Search
Part II: Structure Searches with MS Search and Using MS Interpreter
Part III: AMDIS (NIST) for Processing EI Mass Spectral Data Files
Part IV: Advanced NIST Hybrid Search of EI and MS/MS Spectra
Part V: Creating and Sharing User EI and MS/MS Libraries
Part VI: Creating and Using Retention Indices in NIST Softwar

Higher Quality Videos Pt. I-V Zipped

This allowed me to more easily change between different applications while demonstrating the software. In addition, the NIST windows are of higher quality created with my Zoom application versus Wiley's WorkCast approach.

Original Wiley Videos:

Webinars recorded by Wiley

YouTube Videos from Others:

Agilent DRS -AMDIS/NIST Search/Customer Reports
Importing Shimadzu GC/MS Data into AMDIS and NIST
Accessing NIST Library Search in Agilent GC-MSD

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