Holder 20 For Sale

[Sold to Sailor at Concord Yacht Club, 7/1/2020 in Knoxville, TN]

I had planned on using this boat as my main sailboat for racing.  However, I found another Holder 20.  Thus I would like to sell this one for a very good price.  I am not trying to recoup all my expenses.


Nevertheless, the boat is in very good racing shape and would only some part of the deck painted and slightly sanded.

I have included some pictures and bills for some but not all of the work at the following link:

Pictures of Boat and Some Bills
Note:  Used Slideshow mode in Shutterfly for easy viewing


-long cockpit Holder 20 (much better than short cone for racing!)
-new Genesis Sobstad Lightwave main new ($1,293.00)
-new Genesis  Sobstad Lightwave Headsail new ($1,038.00)
-jib by Slo new
-zippered Sobstad bags for sail storage
-spinnaker bag to hang down below to launch spinnaker from cockpit
-three winches on top of cabin, two in cockpit
-cockpit tent
-new halyards and main sheet
-new hardware blocks for traveler
-epoxy racing bottom by Waters $2,555.00-
-hardware exit plates in mast for internal halyards, deck organizer plate and associated blocks on mast step, deck blocks, spinnaker crane, etc. by Todd Weir $1423.00
-deck reinforced by Todd Weir in mass step area
-stern of boat stiffened on the inside by Todd Weir
-spinnaker with quick disconnect for sheets
-tapered spinnaker sheets with quick disconnects
-twing lines with attached snatch blocks
-through deck twing lines exiting to fairleads/cam cleats in cockpit for easy access and no deck clutter
-trailer with spare tire and poles for guiding boat onto trailer
-backstay flicker on top of mast
-ratchet blocks on stern for spinnaker

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