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I have had a really good time playing duplicate bridge with many different people in Kingsport, Abingdon, and Johnson City.

The clubs often offer basic "learn to play (free)" courses led by Jan Bruce and Vivian McIntire.  During the recent "Corona Virus" break, the Abingdon Bridge Club has been hosting  "intermediate" bridge lesson series via Zoom that include all the conventions to facilitate an effective 2 over 1 approach to bridge bidding.

see the Abingdon Facebook site

The internet is also a great "bridge teacher."

I wanted to share some links that I have found very useful for learning to bid and play.

For standard bridge, the following "cheat" sheet summarizes all basic rules:

Basic Bridge Bidding

The New York City Learn Bridge has great more advanced bidding protocols and tactics for playing hands.

I really like YouTube videos!

New York City Learn Bridge

Phillip Holland does great YouTubes demonstrating bidding and playing hands:

Australian Phillip Holland WebSite

Here is an example of one of his YouTube Videos:

Phillip Holland YouTube Example

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