Tesla Cars and MassMan Vanity Plate

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I had read the biography of Elon Musk, and decided I couldn't afford a ride on Space-X.   Therefore, the only logical decision was to instead buy a used Tesla.

I currently own a 2020 blue Model S Tesla Long Range Plus model.  It includes self-driving package, air suspension, dual motor, 100 KWH battery pack, and a panoramic roof which I purchased in July 2023.

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Originally I owned a 2014 certified preowned Model S85 in July 2018.  It had a single motor, no glass roof, no air suspension, and basic autoamted driving package.

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I purchased both of them from the tesla web site shown below.

Used Tesla Site

The only problem that I have encountered is that I can't wipe that silly grin off my face everytime I drive them!  The smooth, quick acceleration is addictive.  I added a personalized Tennessee vanity plate as a result of a MassMan license plate frame gift Curt Cleven gave me when I retired from Eastman.  It is related to a Seinfeld Assman Episold which was hilarious.

Seinfeld YouTube Video Link

The following is a snapshot of my Facebook post about my vanity plate:


Another person in Canda not able to get his desired tag:


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