File Conversions and Data Intechange

File Conversions and Data Interchange

Eastman supported the early efforts in netCDF/Andi.  It has always been very important for our users to be able to convert files from one vendor's format to another.  Often one software package will have capabilities that another doesn't possess or someone might only have training in one software package and not another.  We served on ASTM committees and also we required vendors to supply the format as part of instrument purchases.

These capabilites have been critical to our operations since those early days and they are still employed daily!  Our early work was discussed briefly in one of the Andi Newsletters in 1995.

We currently use file conversions daily.  We primarily convert files obtained on our Thermo DSQ GC-MS systems to netCDF format using Thermo's  File Converter programHowever, manufacturers often include conversion utilities within their data processing software.


The resulting netCDF files are then converted with Water's DataBridge program for processing with Water's MassLynx software package.


In addition, we use MassTransit which is a legacy product still distributed by Scientific Instrument Services Company.  It is used primarily for converting files to and from our Agilent GC-MSD instruments to other vendor formats.


Scientific Instrument services also sells another translator package called GC/MS File Translator, but we have not used that program.

Dr. Philip Winig (see his comments below) sent me a note about OpenChrom software.  It is open source software for chromatography and mass spectrometry based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). Its focus is to handle mass spectrometry systems (e.g. GC/MS, LC/MS, Py-GC/MS, HPLC-MS) data files natively, but also performs files conversions.  I haven't had the opportunity to evaluate the software.

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